Every enterprise owns its unique characteristic. The extraordinary features, life, culture, belief, pursuit of perfection, spirits, vision and mission result in the distinctive Vern Philosophy.

    • Features

      The research team with sophisticated hairdressing background is Vern’s most proud features. Based on that the consumer understand consumer’s demands the most, Vern deeply believes the tools developed by hairdressers would definitely understand hairdressers’ demands. Alike, Vern combines with the systematic hair cutting technique teaching method to inspire hairdressers’ wriggling design talents and to reveal and transmit their most confident and professional aspects.

    • Life

      Is coming from customers’ great supports and satisfactions. Only by the strong and forceful encouragements from customers, can Vern/Yanni bravely steps forward to the unknown future.

    • Culture

      〝Vern Both Hands & Vern Contrast”. Cutting with both hands makes the most symmetric and perfect hairstyle. The contrast hairstyle impresses people and would be the spotlight from an instant glance. This is the spirit of Vern Hairdressing Style College that has existed for a long time.

    • Belief

      Is the supreme success of customers. Only the perfect hairstyle of consumers completes the most successful career of hairdressers. Only the success of hairdressers can be the stone base of Vern/Yanni’s permanent management.

    • Pursues

      The perfection forever. Vern professional research team persists and is inflexible in perfection. Though Vern has developed the decent technique and tool, Vern is still challenging herself for another level of accomplishments.

    • Spirits

      Are the honesty, wisdom and creation. With the most sincere and honest attitude to serve the global hairdressers, search for the truth of aesthetics and the break through of predicaments, Vern creates all the present product and technique with various genius creations.

    • Vision

      Is to, first, make each end-consumer has a perfect hairstyle of personal characteristics and, secondly, create a working environment of the utmost health, high value and self-fulfillment for hairdressers. Only through this, can we promote the hairdressing industry to the era of high technology and social value so as to achieve enterprise’s supreme mission in refunding society.

    • Mission

      1. Only through this can the enterprise visions of Vern be come true. And thirdly, lead the international fashion.

      2. Secondly, let the people worldwide use “Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors” to finish hairstyles.

      3. “Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting technique System” to cut hair. Is to, first, let the people worldwide use