• Patents

    Awarded Invention Patents in 32 Countries Worldwide

    Patented in Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, China, and more. The most powerful scissors in the world.

    There are six inventions in one scissors. 1.New Style Patent 2.Blade Device 3.Pivotal Device 4.Magnetic Combination Device 5.Blade Device 6.Adjustable Spacing Device

    • New Style Patent
      1. Hair cutting ergonomics
      2. Human body ergonomics
      3. Practicality
      4. Streamlined
      5. Beautiful appearance
      6. Design with touching
    • Blade Device
      1. No tool marks
      2. Precision
      3. Control texturization easily
      4. Reduce abrasion
    • Pivotal Device
      1. Stable
      2. Not loose
      3. Two blades can be opened and closed smoothly
    • Magnetic Combination Device
      1. Efficiency
      2. Not loose. Not backwards.
      3. Never degauss
      4. Convenience
      5. Uniqueness
      6. Professionalism
      7. Easy to understand by instincts
      8. Operate multi-blades simultaneously
    • Blade Device
      1. Not loose
      2. More convenient for replacement
      3. Beautiful appearance
    • Adjustable Spacing Device
      1. Increase the distance between scissors
      2. Make the scissors more diversified
      3. More ideas and creations
      4. Fun
      5. The sense of freshness
  • Advantages & Quality
    Advantages & Quality

    Persist in Pursuing Perfection

    We know hairstylists’ fingers are sensitive after managing hair for years. It’s easy for hairstylists to tell if the scissors is creative or not once they hold the scissors. Hence, Vern believes only when the scissors with multi-function and ideal appearance can arouse hairstylists’ inspiration.

    Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors are made of high-class forged steel, treated with high temperature under high pressure to strengthen solidness. Following the strict quality control, which are more than ten procedures conducted all by experienced masters, all the defective products will be eliminated ; only top scissors will be selected. Lastly, each scissors will be tested practically by professional hairstylists before finally leaving the factory. This is how Vern persists in quality to perfection.

    • Easy/Convenient

      Easy assmble and disassemble within 1 second.
      Hold it and use it right away-no need to practice and learn.

    • Efficiency

      Double the efficiency of traditional scissors.
      Make two openings with one cut.

    • Multi-function

      Complete cutting and texturizing in one single action simultaneously.

    • Exquisite

      Create exquisite effents simply with no tool marks.

    • Exclusive

      Special teeth createes defined young style look.

  • Progress & Market Needs
    Progress & Market Needs
  • Thousands of Combinations
    Thousands of Combinations
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