Every student of Vern is regarded as a “Unique Individual”. Individualised teaching and training programme will be devised according to each individual’s ability, understanding, sense of aesthetics and aptitude to learning. Not only the techniques will be taught but also the various concepts of hair styling will be given, which enables the expressing of creativity and establishes the responsibility of helping others to be more beautiful naturally. The 10 features of Vern Courses:


  1. The courses are given in a small class size or one-on-one format. The courses are flexible depending on every student’s unique features, experience and needs.

  2. All courses are well-arranged, and we introduce and analyze every subject in detail.

  3. Our instruction combines both theory and practicality. Students will be skilled in all methods, techniques, aesthetic concepts, communication skills in each course.

  4. We instruct and demonstrate in a simple and characteristic way and correct students when needed. Students can learn and understand simply and easily.

  5. The world first invented technique, Vern Both-Handed Cutting with all kinds of cutting tools, enable you to improve image and ability, overtop your competitors in techniques, and be the champion of this competitive environment.

  6. To upgrade the teaching quality, we have computerized teaching material. We’re on the cutting edge of trends and never stop improving ourselves.

  7. We have well-built internet recourses including official website, Facebook, blog, YouTube and so on. Therefore, you can learn, pursue further education and review via multi channels at any time.

  8. Vern top instructors are expert in every subject and will give lessons personally. And you’ll enjoy the world-class techniques and resources with international outstanding hairstylists.

  9. Our students come from all over the world, so all students can learn from each other by exchanging views.

  10. We’ll share all the latest hairdressing information we collected from global shows or we launched in international performances with our students, so you’re always on the worldwide trends.


We strongly believe that success depends upon customers’ satisfaction, hence we emphasize on customer service. Our team treats all our customers with the same care, commitment and innovation. Our mission is to understand customers’ demand and to lead them forward.

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  • Vern Both-Handed Analytical Transformation Course 10 Days

    Aanalytical Transformation


    This course for different applicable haircut skill on style structure is the most fundamental class and most recommended by all the designers. It helps you to have an overview and completed knowledge on hairstyle. So that you could use all the techniques taught at will to create a brand new style of your own. Vern completely breaks down all kind of structure and factor systematically that helps the students can easily apply on their own and develop numerous new styles. Complete this class, the student can easily explore further just by observing the class, without even practice. It is the class for everyone who intents to become a professional designer.

  • Vern Both-Handed Perfect Cutting Course 5 Days

    Perfect Cutting

    Vern Both-Handed Non-Simultaneous Cutting

    Both-handed approach in cutting creates the perfect symmetry in the angles of cutting and direction of combing, as well as in the flow direction of the hair ends. Furthermore, cutting is not restricted by the shape of head, ears and shoulders, or by lengthy hair and /or any inconvenience caused by the stylist’s own body or limbs. As a result the hairstyle created will have the desired effect and aesthetic quality and an even more perfect image for the client

    Vern Both-Handed Simultaneous Cutting

    Using scissors to cut and thin simultaneously is a radical break from traditional cutting methods. Simultaneous cutting with both hands has the benefits of convenience, practicality, precision, speed and the ability to achieve aesthetic results. It is a highly efficient and extremely precise method of cutting

  • Vern Both-Handed Faultless Flying Cutting Couse 5 Days

    Flying Cutting

    Both-Handed cutting can create some unique styling. The Both-Handed Flying Cutting produces perfect harmony in the flow direction of hair ends; the two sides are achieved at the same time. Each cut creates several lengths resulting in a much softer and more natural elegant profile. From top to bottom there are differing lengths in the hair creating a voluminous effect and a completely natural elegance in the finished hairstyle. As each opening has the short hair underneath to support the long hair the hairstyle created will retain its shape.

  • Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors One Hand Basic 8 Pairs & Vogue Course 5 Days

    Basic 8 pairs & Vogue Course


    Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors One Hand Basic 8 pairs & Vogue Course is designed for all hairstylists. This course will elevate your cutting concepts and skills in hairstyles formation and creation.

    Focus on “Cutting SOP: Cutting, Texturizing and Styling” and the innovative cutting tool “Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors”, you will learn how to achieve popular, manageable and long-lasting hairstyles in a more efficient, professional and easier way.

    The course will not only show you the latest fashion, but also the marketing techniques which enable you to present superb techniques and charm in front of clients. Your clients will be convinced by your profession and become your royal fans forever. Improve your techniques and creative power; keep you in the leading place in the market.


    1. Predicting the next fashion, allow you to notice opportunities and stay on the leading edge of fashion.
    2. Combining practicality, fashion, creativity, unique hairstyles, you can easily keep up with the pulse of the ever changing fashion.
    3. Coordinating with fashion trends, you can perform at salon immediately and benefit from it right away.
    4. Instructing diverse applications of scissors combination, which enable you to operate combined scissors at ease.
    5. Strengthening your cutting concepts and skills, you’ll have competitive advantages despite the competitive salon environment.
    6. Teaching you how to grasp clients’ needs and help you provide the best service quality to retain existing clients and attract new ones.