2022 Hairstyle Fashion Trend——Vern Trendy Contrastive Hairstyle

Press release Vern Hairdressing Style College
Article date 2022.01.27
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Break the leading European and American fashion trends. Stand out from Japanese and Korean trends. Vern hairstyle whirlwind is approaching. Want to get the latest hairstyle news in advance? Then you must see 2022 Hair collection, launched by Vern team. Perfectly apply the big hits of hair color, it becomes the example of perfect hairstyles that everyone in the fashion industry wants to learn.

“Vern Both Hands & Vern Contrast” is the tradition of Vern Hairdressing Style College, which has been insisted and passed down for years. We gain recognition from international hairdressing and fashion industry. Use the techniques of Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting and apply our “Contrast” design principles of length, straight/curl, color, etc., Vern team creates personalized “Vern Contrastive hairstyles”。Annually launched hairstyles collection successfully leads the fashion industry and becomes the latest hairstyles trend. Vern hairstyle collection includes hairstyles that the public generally accept and love, international latest hairstyles trends, ingenious hairstyles creations, exclusive hairstyles that are especially created by Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors, etc. Practicality, fashion, creativity and exclusivity are four major topics in the hair collection.

Highest level of preference. Increase confidence. Effortless and easy to manage. Use the most unerring eyes for trendy haircut and attitude. Express the spirits of hairdressing professional.

► New haircut techniques- Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique

► New hairstyles trend- Vern Trendy Contrastive Hairstyle

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