Internationally Renowned Vern’s Both-Handed Hair Cutting Technique and Intelligent Scissors Haircut Seminar

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Article date 2024.07.04
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There are two major performances in the Vern Seminar / Workshop:

1. On-Stage Haircut Demonstration: Showcasing various trendy hairstyles.

2. Interactive Group Sessions: Vern Instructors and hairdressers engage in face-to-face teaching, where hairdressers can learn unique techniques of using both hands for hairstyling and Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors for haircuts. This approach enables hairdressers to efficiently create delicate and aesthetically pleasing hairstyles.

The Vern Seminar / Workshop is a highly favored and strongly recommended for those seeking to advance their hairdressing skills through continuing education.

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Vern’s Instructor Team has been invited by international hair product companies to hold seminars in over 50 countries, including the UK, France, Germany, the USA, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. These events attract world-renowned performers and top designers to participate in workshops focused on the two patented Vern Both-Handed Faultless Chtting Technique and Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors for haircutting. The Vern seminars have sparked a fashion trend in the hairdressing industry globally. International students even travel to Taiwan specifically to attend these courses, knowing that only Vern can help them reach new heights in the field of hairdressing.

The Vern Seminar includes the following programs:
1. Video Highlights: Large-scale performances by Vern in Taiwan, Germany, the UK, the USA, Italy, and major exhibitions, including World Cup events.
2. Vern’s Unique Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique: A globally renowned haircutting method
3. Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors Haircutting Techniques: Showcasing Vern’s innovative approach.
4. Live Demonstrations of Various Hairstyles: Global real-time haircutting showcases.
5. Presentation of Practical, Trendy, Innovative, and Unique Hairstyles: Introducing new and trendsetting styles.
6. Face-to-Face Group Teaching: Instructors and hairstylists engage in direct, hands-on education.
7. Model Runway Show: Highlighting the latest hairstyle creations.

The Vern Hairdressing Style College conducts seminars worldwide to teach hairdressing courses, focusing on the most distinctive techniques:


  1. Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique: This method teaches the use of various hair cutting tools with both hands, including both-handed scissors, razors, clippers, flying scissors, and multiple scissors. Hairdressers learn to cut hair using non-simultaneous or simultaneous hand movements without any obstacles, achieving the perfect hairstyle that clients love.
  2. Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors: This set comprises eight scissors, including:
  • Two straight scissors by point cut for light and soft hairstyles.
  • One straight scissor combined with a V-shaped tooth texturizing scissor.
  • Three L-shaped tooth texturizing scissors for different hair volumes (less, medium, and more).
  • One L-shaped tooth styling scissors for straight and curly hair.
  • One L-shaped tooth styling scissors by horizonal cut, scissors over bomb and point cut for curly hair.


Depending on the client’s hair type, volume, and condition, these tools help achieve the desired length, shape, and effect. This technique assists hairdressers in creating unique and aesthetically pleasing hairstyles with ease and efficiency.

The Vern seminars are rich in content and innovation, providing participants with a sense of accomplishment through Vern’s exclusive cutting techniques and scissors.

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