Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors Haircutting Course Look & Learn Seminar

Press release Vern Hairdressing Style College
Article date 2024.06.12
Article classification Info & Video

Join Vern‘s sharing seminar featuring our instructors performing and teaching to international standards. Learn about trendy hairstyles and advanced scissor haircutting techniques. Discover the magical functions of the eight pairs of Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors and how they benefit hairdressers in creating beautiful haircuts and hairstyles. While a typical pair of scissors has only five parts, each Vern Scissors boasts six invention patents, standing out with its innovative design compared to conventional scissors.

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Contents of Vern’s Haircut Sharing Seminar
1. Hairstyles Taught by Vern: Learn the hairstyles taught to performers, instructors, and renowned designers from around the world.
2. Trendy Hairstyles: Explore popular hairstyles from Europe, America, Japan, and Korea.
3. Global Hairstyles by Vern: Discover the trendy hairstyles for cutting, perming, and coloring that Vern has presented in 50 countries. Men’s Popular Perms
        Soft and charming long and short hairstyles
        One-length linear hairstyles
        Youthful, flowing wispy hairstyles
        Attractive long curly hairstyles
        Trendy layered hairstyles
        Chic hime cut hairstyles
        Wolf cut hairstyles
4. Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors: Learn about the innovative design with six invention patents per scissor.
5. Simple and Excellent Haircutting Process by Vern: Master the straightforward yet effective hair cutting techniques.
6. Magical Cutting, Texturizing, and Styling Scissors Applications: Discover versatile applications of cutting, texturizing, and styling with Vern scissors.
7. Five Key Points for Texturizing: Techniques for dealing with excessive hair volume and flat hair.
8. Root Perming for Long Hair: Methods to create volume at the roots for long hair.
9. Pre- and Post-Perm Care: Customer satisfaction guaranteed with tips for curly hairstyles before and after perming.

All these haircutting techniques, concepts, theories, and scissor functions can be applied directly to clients. Vern boasts a remarkable culture and a strong R&D team. As designers who understand the haircutting needs of hairstylists on site, we continually innovate. Using precise scientific data, each generation of our scissors becomes more advanced. The Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors, with six invention patents per pair, are the highest-end, top-notch scissors in the world. These scissors help professionals cut hair easily, quickly, and precisely, ensuring client satisfaction. This sense of accomplishment is what everyone strives for. We hope everyone can work with ease and joy, while consistently growing their business!