Hair Cutting Education: Learn from Internationally Renowned Vern

Press release Vern Hairdressing Style College
Article date 2024.06.06
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Vern Hairdressing Style College is dedicated to hair cutting education, with a rich history and culture. As an international teaching institution, it leads modern trends and innovates for the future. Students include not only Taiwanese hairdressers but also performers, instructors, and famous designers from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and other countries who come to Taiwan for classes.

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Each year, numerous international hair product companies invite Vern instructors to perform and teach hair professionals and enthusiasts in their countries. Vern has visited 50 countries so far.

Why is Vern invited to perform and teach internationally every year?

The answer is simple: Vern holds the three golden keys that every hairstylist worldwide desires.

First Golden Key: The both-handed haircut invention patent helps hairstylists enhance their haircutting proficiency with the world-renowned “Vern Both-Handed Flawless Cutting Technique System.”

Second Golden Key: A single pair of scissors with six patents, known as the “Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors,” desired by all scissor manufacturers.

Third Golden Key: Our globally respected “Vern International Instructor Team,” known for their outstanding performances and teaching.

This is why Vern succeeds where others do not.

Performing and teaching internationally has become our routine over the years, bringing pride not only to Vern but also to Taiwanese hairdressers.