Vern International Presentation Show – The Most Recommended for Learning Hairdressing Techniques and Scissors Use

Press release Vern Hairdressing Style College
Article date 2024.07.10
Article classification Info & Video

The Vern International Presentation Show is highly recommended worldwide for learning hairdressing techniques and the multi-functional use of hairdressing scissors. Just by attending one show, you can learn a great deal about current and future hairdressing techniques and trendy hairstyles. We present Vern’s uniquely invented hairdressing techniques and smart scissors, creating a better environment for designers to craft beautiful hair creations that leave clients with satisfied smiles.

The Vern Seminar / Workshop is a highly favored and strongly recommended for those seeking to advance their hairdressing skills through continuing education.

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The Vern International Presentation Show has toured across Taiwan, including Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taipei, and various counties. It has also been invited to perform and teach in 60 countries, including Berlin, London, Las Vegas, Milan, Mexico City, Seoul, and Tokyo. Performers, influencers, and renowned designers from around the world have been amazed by the Vern instructor team’s masterful use of both-handed cutting techniques and smart scissors. Attendance for a single event can reach up to 15,000 designers. They compare the experience to a famous singer’s concert, with many designers flying to Taiwan to purchase scissors and attend classes at the Vern Hairdressing Style College.

Verm International Presentation Show Features:

1、 Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique
Utilizes both hands with scissors, razors, electric clippers, flying scissors, and multiple scissors simultaneously or non-simultaneously.

2、 Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors
A set of eight scissors, including: Three cutting series: for cutting layers and contour lines, light or linear hairstyles. Three texturizing series: for supporting and adjusting hair volume (less, medium, more). Two styling series: for sculpting curly hair with spatial effect and creating unique styles.

3、 Vern Instructor Team’s Demonstration
Presenting over a dozen practical, fashionable, creative, and unique hairstyles, completing each hairstyle on stage with precision.

The Vern instructor team uses the appropriate tool- scissors, razors, electric clippers, flying scissors, and multiple scissors– based on the hairstyle requirements, employing both-handed cutting methods to ensure that cutting the sides, front, back and all actions are performed without any obstacles or flaws. With 32 global invention patents, Vern Both-handed Faultless Cutting Technique has stunned designers not just in London but worldwide.

Using Vern’s Systemic Cutting Flow- Cutting, Texturizing and Styling, the team employs Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors, either individually or in combination, to achieve the most beautiful hairstyles. Each Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors has six global invention patents, offering multifunctionality, efficiency, and unique results that delight designers globally. This makes haircutting more enjoyable and results in more beautiful hairstyles.

The Vern instructor team uses exquisite techniques and meticulous methods, showcasing perfect hairstyles with Vern’s dual inventions, leaving the audience in awe and repeatedly exclaiming that it was a show unlike any they had ever seen before, and well worth it.